Domain Registration

Domain registration is the most important step to making your website present online after its development. Speaking a lot about website development and website management, it is very crucial we don’t ignore website registration.

What is domain hosting/registration?

Website hosting/registration is simply obtaining the authority to be on the internet. It is also buying spot on a web server just like acquiring a land. When a domain name is registered, a series of Start of Authority (SOA) entries are created in the parent domain’s DNS servers. This specifies the IP address (or domain name) of the domain’s authoritative DNS servers. This only serves as a guide to where to go for domain data, not the data itself. As said, if you already have a website, the only thing left for you to do is register your website.

Domain registration
Domain hosting/registration

Why is it necessary to register a website?

When a you acquire a new website name, the domain name registrar is in charge of updating the register. They keep track of which domain names are available. As part of this, they generally give you an easy-to-use search engine to see what alternatives they have. This informs you which names are available (similar to your already chosen name) for your choosing.

Service providers

There are a lot of domain registration service providers but you will have to buy a hosting plan to have access.

In order to skip the unworthy torture of this expensive service, we have made the acquisition of this service (website registration) very easy and less expensive. Contact us now to host your website online. With our experts’ advice, you’ll be guided as to which website (portfolio, corporate, weblog, social media, etc.) to use for your online presence and branding. In addition to that, you will also get your working professional emails linked with your personal emails where updates and information can reach you easily.

You can still contact us if you already have a website.

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Domain Registration